With rising inflation across most sectors, it is no surprise that cell tower lease buyout rates have risen in 2022, while lease amendments rates have declined. However, unlike average house rentals and mortgages, there is not as much data available for cell tower lease rates nationwide. As a result, owners of both commercial and residential

Opting for a cell tower lease buyout is a great way to get a lump sum of cash and free yourself from an existing lease, but it also comes with its own set of complications. One of the many factors that landowners do not consider is the tax implications of selling a cell tower lease.

If you are a property owner looking to lease space for commercial enterprises, you probably know that selecting a telecommunications company can be a lucrative prospect. Essentially, you lease out a portion of your property for a telecom company to install a cell tower on your land or rooftop. This will allow you to have

Matching the right buyer with each seller is the first step in how to negotiate a cell tower lease buyout successfully.

Selling your cell tower lease can save you from a number of hassles that make your life as a property owner more difficult.

Landlords: your cell tower can be voted down by politics. Some groups petition government to remove local towers and prevent site development.

Covid-19, Cell towers? While the two seem like two different entities, some view them as related. See how a dangerous conspiracy is debunked.

How smart cities bring blessing and challenge is the enigma of 5G. Tower landlords understand the pin of opposing forces. Learn more here.

Tower landlords ask, “how much rent for my cell site lease?” Here you’ll find the professional guide on how carriers evaluate rent amounts.

What do tower landlords gain from 5G? If you’re a tower landlord, the question centers on industry transformation. Of course, your number one concern involves your lease. So, follow us as we give you the rundown on what 5G means. What it will bring. And what you can do about the changes. Here we go:

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