With rising inflation across most sectors, it is no surprise that cell tower lease buyout rates have risen as well, while lease amendments rates have declined. However, unlike average house rentals and mortgages, there is not as much data available for cell tower lease rates nationwide. As a result, owners of both commercial and residential

Getting a company to install a cell tower on your property can make you feel like you just won the lottery. After all, you don’t really have to do anything. Once the lease agreement is signed and the tower is installed, you can start collection your payments each month. For many people, this is a

Cell phone towers serve an essential function in modern society, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. While cellular technology will inevitably adapt and advance, cell phone towers continue to be the most practical and efficient way to get cellular service to as many people as possible. Telecom infrastructure hinges on strategically-placed towers,

Selling property with a cell tower can be tricky, as both your property and the tower (or towers) have independent value. As a result, many sellers end up getting less than they could because they try to sell their property and cell tower as a bundle. Moreover, many property owners do not know how to

Historically, cell phone towers have been gigantic structures that could be seen for miles around. As a result, they haven’t always been aesthetically pleasing or popular for those living nearby. Fortunately, combining more compact cell towers and improved cell tower concealment solutions has made blending towers in with their environment much easier. Nowadays, stealth towers

When you’re a property owner in a densely populated area, there is always a chance that a cellular provider will approach you about a cell tower lease agreement. Even if it has not happened yet, it could potentially happen in the future. Companies like Verizon, AT&T, Dish and T-Mobile are always looking to expand or

A cell tower lease buyout can be a tempting offer, however, you may not know exactly when or to whom you should sell your cell tower lease. You will need to consider many different factors before making a final decision, though you don’t want to weigh your options for too long, as timing can be

If you already have a cell tower lease, then you might be aware of certain lease extension and renewal options at your disposal. However, many property owners go into cell tower leases with very little information about what they can and cannot do, especially if they did not get the help of a cell tower

At first glance, cell tower lump sum lease buyout negotiations can seem far more complex than any kind of lease assignment you may have dealt with in the past. After all, cell phone tower lease negotiations often involve medium or large telecommunication companies, lawyers, and experienced cell tower consultants. But no matter who is sitting

Opting for a cell tower lease buyout is a great way to get a lump sum of cash and free yourself from an existing lease, but it also comes with its own set of complications. One of the many factors that landowners do not consider is the tax implications of selling a cell tower lease.